Why You Shouldn’t Buy Gutter Covers

In my 10+ years of gutter cleaning experience, most gutter covers are fatally flawed from the get go. Typically, they are plastic which won’t hold up for very many years so they become waste even before getting your moneys worth out of them in cleaning costs had you decided against the gutter covers in the first place.

From my experience; gutter covers simply won’t perform to your expectations. This is because they literally cannot because of they way that they are designed, manufactured, and installed. This will eventually end up leaving you with even more messes to clean up, and dirtier gutter fascias that are more complicated to actually clean overall. Plus the outside gutter fascia tends to get covered with mildew and grunge from water over flowing down the front of them.

Gutter guards make gutter cleaning more difficult.

Gutter guards make gutter cleaning more difficult.

Look at all the debris and crud that "grows" under the gutter covers.

Look at all the debris and crud that “grows” under the gutter covers.

The gutter ends up not looking good and is more difficult to clean.

The gutter ends up not looking good and is more difficult to clean.

If you already have gutter covers, they all will eventually get smothered or clogged with debris (leaves, pine needles, dirt, etc.) that will come off the roof and end up coming to rest over these covers, causing an even bigger problem than the one you were trying to prevent. Gutter covers also accelerate rotting of the fascia boards and roof edge when debris is on them constantly keeping the surfaces damp and rotting them away.

Not only that, but most of them look terrible anyway.

There not cheap, and are just another way for the guy that is selling them to part you with more of your money.

Not only that, but gutter covers give you a false sense of hope that you won’t have to ever send the husband or spouse up on a ladder again to clean the gutters. In reality they will cause a bigger problem for someone down the road.

Have a look at the images to the right to see some real gutter cover blues.

To add insult to injury, when it comes to gutter covers, most people don’t even install them correctly, and this leaves a gap for the most minuscule amount of destructive debris to enter and clog or grow in a nice enclosed and typically damp environment.

The benefits to hiring a professional gutter cleaning service far out weigh the disappointments that you will be certain to face with whatever type of cover… even the gutter covers “As seen on TV” in an infomercial that are very, very expensive. And they likely couldn’t even sell them without promising a “lifetime guarantee” but they know that you will never take advantage of and not only that but the guarantee doesn’t even extend to the next homeowner. The victims of these infomercials that promise worry-free gutters get stuck with an astronomical bill from the big company with a lot of fine print.

We would never suggest or recommend any sort of cover, topper, guard, spongy thing inserted or covering the top of your homes gutter system.

The gutters are designed to be open and catch as much if not all the rain water and divert the water to the downspout and away from the foundation.

Any type of cover will back up or smother the gutters natural function, rendering the whole system useless and not functioning properly.

The most that we would ever recommend as a “filtration” system for your gutters is a downspout strainer that inserts into the downspout hole inside the gutter to prevent clogging inside the downspout. This is something that we would recommend primarily because its easier to clear a clog inside the gutter than having to snake or remove the downspout to clear the clog.

A professional gutter cleaning service is cost effective and will have your best interests in mind… most of us have dealt with many types and they all have failed.

Please dont be sold on gutter protection systems, we are only trying to help you. We believe that honesty is the best policy and we want you to have the other side of the story from professionals that deal with this issue daily.

Stick with a gutter cleaning service you can trust, Contact us! Call 503-647-5137 today!

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Gutter cleaning professionals, count on us for all of your home's exterior cleaning needs.

Gutter cleaning professionals, count on us for all of your home’s exterior cleaning needs.

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