Why do customers choose to use Gleaming the View?

Answer: Gleaming the View is known and trusted in the community of providing an exceptional service experience, that’s affordable.

How do you clean our windows?

Answer: from top to bottom, inside and out…lol. we use professional products with traditional pro tools like wash bars and squeegees. We have a variety of other equipment at our disposal to assist with more hard to reach windows. Water fed pole systems are a great benefit to keep ourselves safe when a safe ladder set can’t be aquired. Special surgical rags for mass absorbtion and lint free.
being detail oriented is the real key to the window cleaning process that leaves customers with spectacular views and a big smile.

What makes you different than our last guy?

Answer: where is your last guy now? He has some how let you down and i promise you we will strive and fight to keep your business and you happy for as long as you will allow. The key to any successful business is having a well established, loyal clientele that knows were trustworthy and worth having take care of your homes needs and share us with all your friends, family and neighbors.

How do I get an estimate? – What can I expect?

Just fill out our estimate request form online or call (503) 647-5137 during business hours and we can come out and give you an estimate usually that day or the next day. We can also answer any questions you may have when we come out and do the free estimate, or on the flip-side, if you can’t be there, that is no problem either. We will just leave our estimate for you. It is very difficult to do over the phone, but sometimes we might be able to “ballpark” an estimate based on how many windows you need cleaned or a general estimate for gutter or roof cleaning, but it is better if we can look at the project and see exactly what is going on so that we can bring to your attention things that you might not have noticed, and more importantly give you an accurate estimate. Don’t be concerned about your home’s exterior being dirty, because we are here to help. It doesn’t matter how bad it is, we have seen worse, and we are there to restore your home’s exterior to it’s best. If you give us a call it only takes 2 or 3 minutes to set up an estimate and we always have someone in our office to help you. You won’t get a voice mail or answering machine when you call.

Do you clean up my yard after cleaning the gutters?

We don’t want you to have to lift a finger behind us, and because of the way we do things, you won’t have to. All of the debris that we remove from your gutters is scooped by hand because we care not only about preventing making a mess, but hand scooping also prevents any damage that may be caused by a machine or other automated means of debris removal. When roof cleaning and pressure washing, we do what we can to prevent debris from falling off of the roof and we will make sure that everything is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. We will put the debris into the natural or logical areas on your property, with the goal being that you don’t even notice we’ve been there. Note: In the case of sensitive landscaping we will do whatever is necessary to make sure your property looks great once the service is complete.

Do I have to be home at the time of service?

We don’t want you to have to bend your schedule to meet ours, so you don’t have to be home when we come to your house. Once you are completely satisfied with the job, you can pay the crew foreman if you are at home, or pay by credit card by calling (503) 647-5137 we do charge an estimated 3% fee for credit and debit card transactions over the phone, just so you know. In the event that you are not home, we will render the service leaving an invoice, and ask that you leave your payment in the form of a check if possible under the front doormat beforehand (if you are comfortable with that) or somewhere else that is safe but accessible to our crew foreman. If you decide to leave payment in a location other than under the front doormat, please let us know by calling (503) 647-5137.

How long until you can get the service completed?

This depends on our workload at the time, but almost always within 5 days from the time you schedule service. On average, from the time you schedule with us it is completed within 3-5 days. If you have an emergency or special situation, we will take that into consideration and make your home a priority on our schedule.

What should I ask when hiring a cleaning company?

1. How long have you been in business?

Every month we see companies that “show up” in Portland and are gone in a couple of months. Many of them “guarantee” their work, and have a professional looking website, or other advertisements. What are you going to do if there is a problem a few months down the road and their number is disconnected? Do you really want people at your house that have only been in business for 3 or 4 months?

Tim Hunter has 17+ window cleaning experience and has been servicing homes with Gleaming the View Inc., the exterior home cleaning company he started in Portland in 2000, (15 years ago). We service hundreds of homes each year and we service more homes in the Metro Portland Area than any window cleaning, roof cleaning, or gutter cleaning company in the area – there’s a reason that most people choose us.

2. Can I come by and see your office?

I ask this question to every company I hire. Once you’ve been burned and cannot find the contractor, you’ll know what I mean.

Many companies that clean gutters in Portland area are operated out of someone’s apartment. In my experience, it’s always best to stay away from a service company without a place of business. If they are in an apartment, how long are they actually going to be there?

3. Why should I choose Gleaming the View?

We are safe, professional, experienced, and efficient at what we do. We have been performing quality exterior home cleaning coming up now on our second decade of service to the local community. If you ever have a problem, please let us know and we are glad to get any issues resolved immediately and we will even come back out and fix any issues if you find that we missed something or need more done. Chances are we have helped beautify a home’s exterior in your neighborhood. Not only that, but we have an ever growing list people who appreciate us so much, they ask us to come back over and over again as needed every year.

Support families in the local community! Gleaming the View gives many families an opportunity to earn a living while at the same time helping making their community cleaner and more radiant place to live. We are born and raised in the Portland area, so we know our way around. We are not a national chain, we are here to offer you a full service and easy exterior home enhancement experience. Whether you need your windows cleaned, your gutters or roof cleaned, some pressure washing, or even help with your holiday lighting needs at the end of the year, we are here to help!  Give us a call at (503) 647-5137 now or click here to use our convenient free online estimate request.

Gleaming The View Inc. has been Featured in the Oregonian

Gleaming the view has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 9 years in a row now!
Every year, Angie’s List gives the SSA to the top A-rated companies in their category, within their market. Angie’s List may give the award, but you determine the winners based on your reviews. Your reviews let us know which companies provide excellent service, and a company must have a minimum number of reviews to qualify.

We specialize in residential home exterior cleaning including our signature Window Cleaning Service, Roof Cleaning Service, Gutter Cleaning (and emergency downspout clog) Service, Pressure Washing Service, Screen Repair Service, and Seasonal Holiday Lighting Service in the Hillsboro, Beaverton, Aloha, North Plains, Forest Grove, Cornelius, Banks, St. Helens, Scapoose, Warren, West Hills, Tualatin, Tigard, Sherwood, Skyline, St. Johns, Rainier, Scholls, Farmington, and other nearby local neighborhoods. Give us a call at (503) 647-5137 or click the free estimate link below.

Service Area

We serve the following communities (see our service area page for more info): Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Forest Grove, Wilsonville, Sherwood, St. Helens, Scappoose, Cornelius, King City, North Plains, Durham, Banks, Rainier, Gaston, Dundee, Yamhill.

Gleaming the View Inc. serves the following zip codes in the west Portland metro area:

97005 97006 97007 97008 97018 97034 97035 97048 97051 97053 97054 97056 97062 97064 97070 97075 97076 97077 97078 97106 97111 97113 97114 97115 97116 97117 97119 97123 97124 97125 97132 97133 97140 97223 97224 97225 97229 97281 97291 97298

If you are unsure please just give us a call at: (503) 647-5137.