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A review from a happy customer in Hillsboro, OR

"We have used Gleaming the View for more than ten years and have always received prompt, fair priced, quality service. We continue to call Tim as needed, particularly for roof cleaning."
Carl. via Google
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Trusted Roof & Gutter Cleaning in Hillsboro

Are you tired of looking up at your roof to see that green stuff? Perhaps you notice that the water isn’t flowing through your gutters like it once did? Whatever the case may be, Gleaming the View is your local, reliable roof and gutter cleaner right here in Hillsboro.

Your roof and gutters do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to protecting your home — it’s important they are well taken care of. But that doesn’t mean you should be risking your own safety by getting up there on a ladder to clean them yourself, that’s exactly what we are here for. Our trained technicians will safely and effectively clean both your roof and gutters so that they can continue doing their job of protecting your home without you having to do a single thing! Along with our roof and gutter cleaning, we also provide a range of home exterior services — you can rest assured that when we’re finished, your home will be gleaming. But don’t just take our word for it, you can see what our customers have been saying about our services from our verified reviews right here!
Certified Journeyman Scaffold Rigger

A review from a happy customer in Hillsboro, OR

"Tim is awesome to work with. He works hard and our house looks amazing! I highly recommend Gleaming the View!"
Nicki V. via Google
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Roof Services

Effective Roof Cleaning

Do you see that green stuff that has layered itself on top of your roof? That stuff is actually mold, moss, algae and other contaminants that don’t just look unsightly — they're also eating away at your roof! This can be resolved by a safe, efficient soft wash for your roof that will completely remove any of that green stuff, leaving your roof looking like new!

And the best part? That’s exactly what we do here at Gleaming the View. Our expert cleaning technicians are certified in the safety procedures of cleaning your roof (so you don’t need to get up on a ladder yourself!). We soft wash your roof meaning that we use the correct amount of pressure that will remove the moss, algae and mold, without causing any damage to your roof.

If you are looking for a reliable roof cleaning service in and around Hillsboro, tap on one of the buttons below to get in touch with us today!

Thorough Gutter Cleaning

It’s natural that leaves, dirt and other bits of debris end up in your gutters. But little as they may seem, these things can cause big problems for your gutters. Clogged gutters mean that water cannot flow properly through your downspouts which could cause overflow and structural damage to your roof. Plus, unwanted guests such as birds and rodents like to call clogged gutters home.

At Gleaming the View, our team will thoroughly clean your gutters free from debris, leaves and other stuff that doesn’t belong in there. This will then ensure that your gutters can continue doing their job and the water will be able to flow freely through them. And don’t worry about any mess to your lawn — if any leaves or debris falls, we’ll be sure to clean it up.

If it’s time to have your gutters cleaned, get in touch with us using one of the buttons below!

We Carry Safety Training Certificates From IWCA &
Journeyman Scaffold Erector Certificate For Safety

A review from a happy customer in Hillsboro, OR

"Tim is amazing and totally helped us out today when a gutter fail caused some flooding. I’ve worked with for a couple of years and his work is thorough and excellent. Thank you Tim! You are a gem in customer service."
Tracy I. via Facebook
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Pressure Washing & Soft Washing

Sparkling House Washing

You may notice something similar about your roof and your home siding — it’s that old green stuff again! That’s right, mold, mildew and algae love your home siding too but just like your roof, it creates an unhealthy environment for your home and for your family.

Gleaming the View utilizes soft washing to safely and effectively clean your home siding. Borrowing a pressure washer just won’t do for something like this — if you don’t use the right amount of pressure and use too much, it could cause damage to your home siding (we’re talking about blowing a hole in it!). Our team understands the correct amount of pressure to use to properly clean your home siding without causing any damage to it.

If you are looking to boost the curb appeal of your home in Hillsboro, tap on one of the buttons to get in touch with us today!

Professional Driveway & Patio Cleaning

There is nothing like sitting out on the patio on a warm summer evening. But it can get quite distracting when you notice the dirt and stains on your patio surface.

Gleaming the View provides professional power washing for your driveway and patio to properly remove any stains or dirt that has built up over the years. This means you can pull up on your driveway to a clean surface or you can enjoy your beautiful backyard without getting distracted by stains and dirt on your patio.

Get in touch with us today about our driveway and patio cleaning services in and around Hillsboro:

Expert Fence Cleaning

As the years go by, your fence won’t look as it did when it was first installed. With it being outside, it gets impacted by the different elements of weather we experience here in Oregon. But you would be amazed how a professional pressure washing service can transform the appearance of your fence!

Cleaning wood is a little different to cleaning other surfaces — that’s why our team are experienced in all types of pressure washing so that we can ensure to use the safest and most effective method for every surface we clean. Your fence is no different. Gleaming the View will clean your fencing safely to transform it back to it’s beautiful original appearance.

If you would like to see your fence transformed, get in touch with us today using one of the buttons below!

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

At Gleaming the View, no customer is ever just a number. We go the extra mile for every service we provide for every customer. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

A review from a happy customer in Hillsboro, OR

"Tim at Gleaming the View is a perfect choice for your exterior home cleaning needs. He will be sure you’re absolutely happy with his work when he’s finished. Five stars!"
Ben P. via Facebook
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Window & Screen Cleaning

Sparkling Window Cleaning

Are you tired of seeing streaks on your windows? Living in such a beautiful state here, the last thing you want is to be distracted by streaks and stains rather than the view outside.

At Gleaming the View, we provide pure water window cleaning using deionized water and a long pole. This means that there are no streaks or smears on your windows and because of the distance we can reach, there is less work to be done on a ladder which also means it is a faster and safer process too.

If you want to see your windows sparkle once again, get in touch with us using one of the buttons below!

Screen Cleaning

Along with your windows, we also clean your screens too! We use a special screen cleaning machine to ensure that every screen is thoroughly cleaned. Because what’s the good in having sparkling clean windows if you still have dirty screens?

If you are interested in our screen cleaning service, get in touch with us using one of the buttons below:

A review from a happy customer in Hillsboro, OR

"Great service and doesn't nickel and dime you. Old fashion kindness and consideration! Tim is my new window guy."
David F. via Google
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Christmas Lights Installation

Making Your Home Sparkle This Festive Season!

The holidays bring joy, memories and time spent with family and friends. For many people, the holidays can also bring some added stress. Putting up the Christmas lights can be one of these things that adds to the stress. Once they are up, it’s great but installing them, and then removing them tends to bring a bit of stress.

At Gleaming the View, we install, maintain and remove your Christmas lights. That’s right — we do it all for you so that you can spend your Saturday afternoon with your family doing other festive, fun things. We’ll use your own lights so there is no extra cost added for new ones and we’ll be the ones to get up on the ladder in our Oregon winters to make your home shine this holiday season.

If you would like to get some time back this Christmas, get in touch with us about our Christmas light installation service using one of the buttons below:

We Carry Liability Insurance

You can have peace of mind knowing that Gleaming the View carry liability insurance when we are working on your property.

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